Gryphon Gear Pro Staff

At Gryphon Guardian Gear, we are proud to sponsor and support highly skilled competitive shooters who excel in their field. Our sponsored shooters are dedicated professionals who demonstrate exceptional marksmanship and compete at the highest level. Let us introduce you to two of our sponsored shooters:

1. Jordan "BigRed" Hunt

Jordan, or Big Red as he's known by, discovered his love of firearms while in the United States Army, and has carried that love of firearms with him to the competitive circuit of USPSA. His long-term goal is to become an A class shooter in multiple divisions, and continue to utilize the social media expertise he has acquired over the years to boost product exposure, and continue to help develop other products.


2. Erik Kangas

Like many professionals in the firearms industry, Erik
started his in the United States Army. He spent six years as a 19 Delta Cavalry
Scout, and two years as an 11 Bravo Infantryman in the Army Reserves. Erik is a
combat vet and has been deployed twice. He will be the first to admit, that the
marksmanship training that the Army provided, is sub-par, and needs vast

Erik found out, through much trial and error, how effective
competitive shooting is at enhancing one’s capabilities with a firearm. He
applies those lessons to approach firearms training from a practical
standpoint, with an emphasis on proper repetition, in order to build his skill
set. Recently, he has been blessed to have found two mentors* with a combined
40+ years in the tactical and firearms industry, along with decades in the
United States Army Special Operations Command.

While still active in USPSA, Erik has started shooting IDPA
and would like to start shooting Three Gun to broaden his experience as a
shooter, while learning how to teach others the principles of marksmanship.
Erik currently holds 13 top three awards from shooting competitions from this
year, with two of them being from major USPSA matches.

As a professional shooter, Erik is on the leading edge in
product development, trends in firearms training, and the ever-changing
tactical side.

He is actively being mentored by several high-level
competitive shooters and prior military operators.


By sponsoring these highly skilled competitive shooters, Gryphon Guardian Gear demonstrates its commitment to supporting the shooting community and promoting excellence in the sport. We are honored to have Erik and Jordan as part of our team, and we look forward to their continued success in their shooting careers.